Professional Development

Dr. Zelaya’s story highlights the importance of mentors in his journey and we understand teachers play a critical role in a student’s development. In addition to facilitating knowledge, teachers have the potential to assume mentorship roles for their students. Establishing a more meaningful relationship with the students will have a more profound effect on their education.

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Professional Development content can be categorized below:

Student Academic Success

Equip teachers with tools and strategies to boost student classroom performance.

Student Leadership Development

Early stages of student leadership development occur in the classroom and teachers will learn to create a setting that fosters this development.

Culturally Responsive Pedagogy

Teachers are given cultural perspective and strategies to accommodate students of various backgrounds and assist adapting to the American public education system, including English Language Integration.

College and Career Readiness

Provides teachers with information and resources to support their students’ college and career ambitions.

Family Outreach and Support

Focuses on strategies to effectively communicate with and encourage involvement from parents and family members.

Cooperative Learning Environments

Teachers learn to maintain a safe learning environment that promotes personal, academic and cultural understanding among students.

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