Motivational Speaking

Dr. Jose Luis Zelaya believes in the power of motivational speaking and its capacity to transform the lives of students, inspiring them to pursue their college dreams. Dr. Zelaya shares his story of academic perseverance, an arduous experience, and an enormous desire to succeed, highlighting the positive impact of higher education. He emphasizes and attributes his academic achievements to the numerous mentors, support networks, and the great sacrifices of his family. His inspiring story has captivated the minds and hearts of thousands of students, educators, and parents across the United States. In Dr. Zelaya’s keynote, he highlights specific life memories and experiences that shaped his character and academic aspirations. His engaging message will provide valuable insights, resources, and strategies to help students succeed in life.

Motivational Speaking services are offered in the form of:

Keynote Speeches

Virtual Conferences

Online Presentations

Leadership Summits

Note: Due to COVID-19, we now offer virtual speaking services that can be recorded in a professional setting in place of any of the above.

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