Family Education

A student’s educational journey does not stop when they leave the classroom. Experiences outside of school are essential in promoting a mindset of unwavering determination. As a result, families are the backbone in a student’s academic and professional development and play a critical role in reinforcing their aspirations.

Family Education content can be categorized below:

Virtual Capital

Parents learn to use technology to communicate and access resources to support their child’s education.

Strategies for Parents to Support their Child’s College Aspirations

Empowers and advises parents on their child’s path to higher education.

From Parent to Great Educator

Parents learn to promote time management, organization and other habits that will support their child’s journey.

How to Successfully Navigate the Higher Education System

Provides awareness and insight into the numerous systems and processes involved in higher education to maximize their child’s potential.

Strengthening Lines of Communication

Improves parent’s communication with their children and teachers.

Dr. Zelaya Educational Consulting LLC offers Family Education services in the form of:
  • Curriculum
  • Virtual / In-Person Presentations
  • Pre-recorded Content
  • Parental Workshops
  • Conferences
  • Leadership Retreats
  • Community Events

Note: Due to COVID-19, we now offer virtual speaking services that can be recorded in a professional setting in place of any of the above.

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