College Readiness and Career Readiness

College ReadinessCareer Readiness

The objective of the College and Career Readiness Curriculum is for students to identify their academic and professional goals as well as equip them with the resources and confidence to pursue them. Students will develop a fundamental mindset for success ranging from understanding their personal identity to advancing their disposition and leadership development. Additionally, students will familiarize themselves with the English Language and the various educational, financial, social, and professional systems currently in place.

Dr. Zelaya Educational Consulting LLC offers instruction to students via two sections of related curriculum, College Readiness, and Career Readiness. Within each curriculum, there are grade-specific workshops and themes tailored to a school’s specific needs based on demographics and location.

College Readiness

Curriculum designed to support students in pursuit of higher education opportunities.

Admission Process

Familiarizes students with admission requirements and resources to maximize their potential for acceptance.

Financial Literacy

Teaches students fundamental skills, preparing them for college life as well as educating them on the role that finances play throughout their college journey

Identifying College and Career Goals

Assists in identifying student strengths as well as informing students of the wide variety of career opportunities and progressive steps required.

College Exploration

Investigates the various college and university opportunities available and helps students to determine the right fit for them.

Character Development

Develops characters of excellence by exploring student identity and mentality while placing a strong emphasis on work ethic.

Career Readiness

Curriculum designed to prepare students for a variety of career opportunities.

Professional Skills and Communication

Prepares students for professional careers by introducing application strategies and skillsets, including ethical decision making, as well as teaching the broad meaning of communication

Identifying College and Career Goals

Fosters the creation of an action plan for career goals where students learn to understand themselves and the careers that best fit their personality and interest.

Leadership Development

Focuses on both interpersonal and intrapersonal skills and attitudes needed to develop strong candidates for job positions.

Professional Network

Establishes the importance of professional networking and provides strategies for optimal utilization.

Collaborative Efforts in Team Building

Teaches students cooperative skills and the essential components of successful teams.


Introduces students to the idea of starting a business and the different elements involved.

Note: Due to COVID-19, we have transitioned our College and Career Readiness services to online platforms.

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